Guitarmania & Paganini in Paris

Tubb, Fields, Lehtipuu (UK/FIN)

Saturday 27th July 19.00
St Mary's Church

A perfect end of the festival

We then leap forward to the 19th century, when Paris was one of the high-spots on the touring circuit of international virtuosi.
Evelyn Tubb, Mikko Ikäheimo, Michael Fields and Aira Maria Lehtipuu highlight the visits of all the great guitarists of the era, including Paganini (himself a guitarist as well as violinist).

In the early 19th century, Paris was one of the high spots on the touring circuit of international virtuosi. Among these were the greatest guitarists of the era, coming from Spain and Italy, whose influence on music was nothing short of Revolutionary and whose presence inspired a veritable guitaromanie (guitar mania - not unlike what the Beatles would unleash a century and a half later).

Alongside this, Paganini (himself a guitarist as well as violinist) arrived to bewitch and delight audiences by performing seemingly impossible feats on the violin. Some thought he was a metaphorical musical God, others thought he literally got his virtuosity from a deal with the Devil. To keep my 1960s metaphor, he was perhaps the Jimi Hendrix of his time!

Evelyn Tubb (soprano), Aira Maria Lehtipuu (violin), Mikko Ikäheimo and Michael Fields (guitars) highlight the visits of these Romantic visionaries and their impact on their Parisian contemporaries.

Evelyn Tubb, soprano
Michael Fields, lute & guitar
Aira Maria Lehtipuu, violin
Mikko Ikäheimo, guitar


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