Les voyages de l´Amour

Ensemble Meridiana (SUI)

Wednesday 24th July 19.00
St Mary's Church

A tale of troubled God of Love

Works by Boismortier, Rebel, Corrette

Cupid reigns supreme on Wednesday when we warmly welcome the return of Ensemble Meridiana. The god of Love goes on a journey through baroque France. Love is tired of making everybody around him happy, while he himself is lonely. He thus decides to go in search of a pure soul who can truly love him. His trip takes him to courts, cities and villages. He finally finds his love in the shepherdess Daphné, who falls in love with him, purely for who he is. With Les Voyages de l'Amour, Ensemble Meridiana retraces the journey of Love to the different settings and throughout the social classes of baroque France. The composers Rebel, Boismortier and Corrette were active in different milieus of the baroque music scene from Versailles to Paris.

A dinner is served after this event at Tyrvään Pappila's Main Hall at 16.30.

Ensemble Meridiana
Dominique Tinguely, recorder and baroque bassoon
Sarah Humphrys, baroque oboe and recorder
Sabine Stoffer, baroque violin
Tore Eketorp, viola da Gamba and quinton
Han-na Lee, harpsichord



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