Thursday 15th July

Roman de la Rose

Friday 16th July

Northern Stars - Lapsed caick laolacatt

Saturday 17th July

The Legend of the Holy Pear

Saturday 17th July

When the Plague Rages

Sunday 18th July

In the English garden

Sunday 18th July

Line of Beauty

Church of St. Mary

Vanhakylä Manor

Tyrvään Pappila

Important information

Thursday 15th July 7 p.m. | St. Mary of Sastamala

Roman de la Rose

Tuuli Lindeberg and Anna-Maaria Oramo immerse themselves in the depths of medieval poetry and love in the medieval poem collection, Roman de la Rose. This widely known and popular love poem in the Middle Ages was considered to be a handbook of a virtuous and sublime knight. The dialogue between the singer and the keyboardist tells the story of a young man from the poem through French medieval and renaissance music. It is a dream journey towards the paradisiacal Garden of Pleasure, where the young man encounters allegories, symbolic aspects of love, in human form. The story progresses toward an encounter with the Rose, falling in love, and bittersweet fate.

Tuuli Lindeberg, singer
Anna-Maaria Oramo, singer, clavisimbalum and virginal

The concert lasts until around 9 p.m. There is an interval.

Tickets available at

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Pre-concert dinner menu at Sastamalan Wanha Pappila:

Sour rhubarb drink

Green potato salad
Coleslaw salad
Strawberry melon salad

Smoked fish-filled egg roll
Pulled pork with yogurt sauce
Marinated red onions
Baguette with herbs

Coffee, tea and summery berry pie

Friday 16th July 7 p.m. | St. Mary of Sastamala

Northern Stars - Lapsed caick laolacatt

Ensemble Gamut! brings to life the earliest surviving Finnish music in their enchanting program, combining music from Finnish manuscripts with vernaculal rune singing. The earliest surviving manuscripts in Finland are found around Turku, in Western Finland, which was the intellectual and musical capital of medieval Finland. Turku Cathedral school was founded at the 13th century, where the Dominican influence was strong. The Eastern parts of present-day Finland were under Novogorod power with strong Orthodox influence. This combination of Western and Eastern musical and cultural influences has brought an interesting flavour to Finnish music in general, and the group explores these elements in their program.

Ensemble Gamut! is a fresh group formed by prominent early music and Folk music specialists in Finland. It has performed at various early music festivals and concert series (Janakkala Baroque, BRQ Vantaa festival, Oulu early and Imatra early music festivals, Ambigu series, Amsterdam). Their debut album ”UT”, released by Eclipse Music Finland has received excellent reviews internationally. It was selected as ”The early music achievement of the year” 2020 by The Finnish Association for Early Music, as well as one of the best progressive albums of 2020 by Jez Rowden / The Progressive Aspect.

Ensemble Gamut! TRIO
Aino Peltomaa, singer, harp, percussions
Juho Myllylä, recorders
Ilkka Heinonen, The Finnish lyre, ”jouhikko”, alto jouhikko

The concert lasts until around 9 p.m. There is an interval.

Tickets available at

Saturday 17th July 3 p.m. |  Vanhakylä Manor’s Garden & Väentupa

Free event for the whole family: The Legend of the Holy Pear

It's Feast of the Holy Pear,
and worries fade from sight.

The whole nation, from the king to the beggar,
is called to the wild feast.

Sit at the table and enjoy a care-free moment,
as we hear about the Legend of the Holy Pear!

The Legend of the Holy Pear is a work for the whole family, uniting circus and musical theater. It includes whimsical visual elements and absurd events arising from the celebrations of four women on the day of the Holy Pear.

Duration: 45 minutes
Recommended age: 5+

Säilättäret: Milla Kurronen, Kanerva Keskinen, Juuli Hyttinen and Sini Napari
Härkätien Leikarit: Kuisma Keskinen, Päivi Kuusisto, Lauri Keskinen

Music in Väentupa and in the Manor’s Ggarden before and after the Legend of Holy Pear

Sanna Kola, singer
Tuomas Kourula, lute

Ophelia is a Turku-based early music duo consisting of Sanna Kola (mezzo-soprano) and Tuomas Kourula (lute). Ophelia specialises in performing lute songs, especially English 16th and 17th century music and most especially John Dowland songs.

Saturday 17th July 7 p.m. | St. Mary of Sastamala

Fortuna Desperata - When the Plague Rages

Vocal ensemble Lumous and Fioretto Ensemble,
conducted by Debra Gomez-Tapio
Jukka Virtala, narrator

Fortuna Desperata weaves together the themes of whimsical destiny and plague epidemics. It also reflects, in a timely manner, the current pandemic and people’s ability to survive and find hope and continuity; various harsh epidemics have been a scourge of mankind many times before. They have also had decisive effects on societies: for example, the overthrow of feudalism and the rise of the middle class. Maybe we'll see one now as well?

OAt the heart of the program is the song Fortuna desperate, one of the “hit songs” of the Renaissance era, which composers used as material in both vocal and instrumental music. The culmination of the concert will be the “Standomi un giorno ...” by Renaissance poet Francesco Petrarca, composed by the Spanish Rinaldo del Meli, known also as “Six Powerful Visions of Destruction” from a poem to his beloved Laura, who reportedly died of black plague in 14th-century Avignon. The plot of the concert will be carried by stage artist Jukka Virtala. In his monologues, he deals with the suffering caused by the current pandemic and plague epidemics, as well as people’s hope and means of survival in exceptional circumstances. The concert will feature medieval and renaissance music by Fioretto Ensemble and vocal ensemble Lumous, led by Debra Gomez-Tapio, with sopranos Kaisa Kelloniemi and Anu Mattila, alto Elina Aho-Kuusama and baritone Lauri Solin. Fioretto features music by Debra Gomez-Tapio, medieval and renaissance harp, Janek Öller, recorders and bagpipes, and Mikael Heikkilä, percussion and hammer dulcimer. The artistic design of the concert is a collaboration between Debra Gomez-Tapio and Jukka Virtala.

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Pre-concert dinner menu at Tyrvään Pappila:

Tomato mozzarella wild pesto salad L, G
Pappila’s bread L

Fried Finnish rainbow trout, Hollandaise sauce with champagne and fennel, chanterelles and roasted potatoes L, G


Grilled chicken on a skewer with gently spiced tikka masala sauce, spring onions, tomatoes and peppers, Herkkujuustola’s cheese yoghurt and Penttilä’s rieska (flatbread) fried in herb oil L

or a vegan option

Roasted cauliflower seasoned with Gochujang chili paste, mashed potatoes, roasted walnuts seasoned with coriander, lime marinated red onion and corn

Pappila’s Pavlova
Full-bodied crispy meringue stuffed with vanilla cream cheese and berries L, G

The concert lasts until around 9 p.m. There is an interval.

Tickets available at

Sunday 18th July 3 p.m. | Tyrvään Pappila Amphitheater

In the English garden

Byrd - Dowland - Morley - Ortiz – Scheidt

Venus Vivida
Suvi Aho and Lotte Nyberg, cornett
Saara Indermühle and Anna-Maija Laiho-Ihekweazu, Baroque trombonest

The Renaissance ensemble Venus Vivida was born in 2021 out of a love of early music and the joy of co-making music. The band's musicians work as versatile musicians and teachers in the Turku and Tampere regions.

The concert lasts until around 3.45 p.m. There is no interval.

Tickets available at

Sunday 18th July 7 p.m. | St. Mary of Sastamala

Line of Beauty

Music from the late 15th century Eton Choirbook

Vocal Ensemble I Dodici

> Cornysh: Stabat Mater
Lambe: Nesciens Mater
Wylkynson: Salve regina
Cornysh: Ave Maria, Mater Dei
Fayrfax: Magnificat regale

The concert lasts until around 9 p.m. There is an interval.

Tickets available at

St Mary's Church of Sastamala

The Musical Miracle

St Mary's Church of Sastamala is a hidden gem of a venue for the performance of music that is contemporary with its history. It has been the main venue of Sastamala Gregoriana since the festival's origin.

The church, probably built by the monks of the Dominican Brotherhood in the 15th Century, is located in Karkku of Sastamala. In the 16th century, the churchwas completely destroyed by fire.
The Chapel of St Luke, which was linked to the church, was demolished at the beginning of the 18th Century and at the same time the ceiling of the church was painted, church's structured were fortified and its interior was painted. During the renovation work of the late 19th century, the church's roof was lowered by about 14 meters, the walls were reinforced and the interior was renewed. Half a century later, the church fell into disuse and decayed.
In the 1960s, renovation work began again. The exterior ceiling was raised to its former ridge height, windows were rebuilt and the original wooden floor was demolished and replaced with sand in 1977, since it was destroyed by a rotting fungus.

Its vaulted wooden ceiling, roughhewn stone walls, dirt floor and quiet location combine to make it one of the finest acoustical environments in the world for solo vocal music and small ensembles. Its peaceful, natural environment gives it a further special character, and the surrounding silence deepens the peace and beauty of the musical experience for performers and audiences.

Sastamala's Medieval Church of St. Mary
Address: Sastamalan kirkon tie 119, 38210 Sastamala, Finland
The distance from the city center (Vammala) to the church is about 10 km and from the center of Karkku about 9 km.
Signs from Sastamalantie (road no. 249).

The concert venue is accessible by wheelchair and there is a easy-access handicap toilet near the church.
A personal assistant can enter the concert for free.

Homepage of St Mary's Church / Congregation of Sastamala (in Finnish)

(on this page you can find a Google Maps -link for further driving instructions)

Sastamalan kirkon tie 119, 38210 Sastamala, FINLAND

Vanhakylä Manor

The magnificently beautiful Vanhakylän kartano (Vanhakylä Manor) is located in the middle of Kaltsila village's beautiful cultural landscape. The manor was founded in 1751 by the crown's official Henrik Packalén . The main building of the manor is a neoclassical building designed by building master Heikki Tiitola. The old main building of the manor was burnt down in 1918 and the present main building was completed in 1925. Between 1999 and 2002, the main building of the manor and the entire park area underwent a major renovation, and the manor was restored with a major overhaul.

The large park is home to about 50 different apple, cherry, pear and other fruit trees, and is also home to an abundance of hardwoods such as oaks, linden, pencil stand, ash, pine needle and coltsfoot.

The restoration of other buildings in the yard, such as the shrine barrier and the granary, has continued in the 2010s using traditional methods. In summer 2019, a summer café was opened in Väentupa.

In the summer of 2019, a juice press factory was established in the courtyard of the manor. You can bring your own apples to the Juice Shop for juicing. A summer café was opened in the restored community hall of the Vanhakylä manor, where you can enjoy the wonderful setting of the park under the large oaks of the manor. There is also a small Bed and Breakfast where you can stay in the comfortable rooms of The Mistress' and The Handmaiden's Chamber.

The main house can also host various meeting events or small family events.
Although the manor hosts various events, it serves mainly as a private home.

The entrance to the concert venue is not barrier-free and has few steps.

Kaltsilantie 253, 38220 Sastamala, FINLAND

Tyrvään Pappila

An Atmospheric Event and Art Venue

Tyrvään Pappila is a carefully restored event and art venue right in the heart of the city of Sastamala, by the beautiful Lake Liekovesi shore. The premises of Tyrvään Pappila (Tyrvää Parsonage) opened to the public in the fall of 2017. The story of the parsonage goes from a wooden parsonage from the late 19th Century to a stylistically National Romantic stone parsonage completed in 1922.
Various cultural events are organized regularly in the priesthood, which combine delicious food. The stylish and warm cozy rooms provide a wonderful setting for successful celebrations and inspirational meetings. Good food and experiences take your mind and tongue as you go.

The crown of the vicarage is a covered amphitheater, which is suitable for various events. In the immediate vicinity of the Pappila there is also the Pappila Stone Barn, which has been restored to form a two-story art gallery, the Art Pappila, which can also transform into a venue for many different occasions.

Art Pappila's exhibitions showcase high quality international art. In 2018, a series of art exhibitions was opened by Osmo Rauhala's "Before and After" exhibition, presenting the artistic production of St. Olaf's Church in Tyrvää, before and after the painting of St. Olaf's Church. The 2019 exhibition showcased the work of Henry Moore, known as a sculptor and graphic artist. In 2021, Art Pappila will feature works by the world-famous Marc Chagall.

The back of the house has a special lift for easy-access to the main building.
There is a spacious disabled toilet directly at the back of the house.
The second floor of the house is accessible by lift.
All thresholds are less than a centimeter high.

(in English)

Asemakatu 4, 38210 Sastamala, FINLAND

Important information

How the current situation affects our festival and the concerts during this summer

Due to the current situation, a limited number of tickets is sold for our concerts.

At indoor concerts the public is required to use a face mask unless current recommendations and restrictions change.

The tickets purchased for Enchanting Bruges festival in 2020 and 2021 will be available as such for the new dates in 2022. If the new dates don't work for you, the ticket can be returned by 30th June 2021 at

Tickets are also on sale in advance at Tyrvään Kirjakauppa, Sastamala.

During the festival, tickets will be sold at concert venues one hour before the start of the concert if there are still tickets left for the evening’s concert.