Belgian delicacies & limonade

Virtamies Bäckmanin Limonaaditehdas

During concert intervals at St Mary's Church, we offer a moment to refresh and regale with the local delicacies of Virtamies Bäckmanin Limonaaditehdas (Bäckman's Lemonade Factory). Chef Jori Heinonen charms with his culinary skills and authentic Belgian snacks - fries, mayonnaise and mussels!

The lemonades are 100% handmade, using as much as possible local ingredients.
The lemonade is served both in a 250 ml bottle and from tap.
The flavor family ranges from ginger, strawberry and red currant to the exotic apple-salty licorice.

Abdij van Sint Paul - a non-alcoholic monk beer acts as an excellent companion for Belgian delicacies!

Price list:
€ 5.00 / lemonade glass 2 dl
€ 5.60 / lemonade bottle
€ 5.00 / a serving of Belgian delicacies