Restaurant services

Enjoy a preconcert dinner or reserve intermission serving in advance!

Tyrvään Pappila

Tyrvään Pappila, Tyrvää Parsonage, is open daily during the festival serving coffee / tea, snacks and lunch.

Tyrvään Pappila web page

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila is located by lake Rautavesi, right next to the St Mary´s Church.

Wanha Pappila is open during concert days serving coffee / tea and light snacks.

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila web page


Aittakahvila is an unique coffee shop built inside an old, wooden granary a short walk away from St Mary's Church. At Aittakahvila you can buy coffee, tea, lemonades, sweet and savory snacks.

More information (in Finnish): Aittakahvila

Virtamies Bäckmanin Limonaaditehdas

At intervals of our concerts we offer the opportunity to enjoy a fresh glass of artisanal soda made by the lemonade factory of Virtamies Bäckmanin Limonaaditehdas. Lemonades are made 100% by hand and with a big heart. Lemonade is being sold at the church, at the ticket office. We recommend the audience to buy their lemonade tickets before the concert begins to streamline the service lines during intervals.
Lemonade tickets á 5 euros.
You can also buy lemonade to take with you home.