Sastamala Gregoriana's board had a meeting yesterday to outline the 2022 festival.
The aim is for the festival to take place normally with the Enchanting Bruges festival, originally scheduled for July 15-22, 2022.

Because we are still living in an unpredictable and rapidly changing time, the board decided to review the situation in mid-March. In practice, this means that we are preparing for the upcoming Enchanting Bruges festival as normally as possible, but if by March the situation has become much more challenging, we will prepare a new festival program for the summer, as we did last summer in 2021.
Last year, 1121 people visited Sastamala Gregoriana in a "mini-festival" held over the weekend.

Tickets for summer 2022 concerts are on sale.
See you in Sastamala Gregoriana 15-22 July 2022!