A message regarding cancelled 2020 festival

The 25th Sastamala Gregoriana festival, planned for summer 2020, is rescheduled to 16th - 23rd July 2021. The festival will present the same program that was planned for this summer, though there will be some rearrangements of the dates-concerts within the week.

Everyone who has bought a ticket will have the opportunity to use the ticket at next year´s festival. Tickets can also be returned and refunded (except for the ticket shop service fee).

More than 3,000 visitors come to the festival every year. Our festival employs an average of more than 60 musicians from all over the world each year, 3-5 summer employees and about 40 volunteers, helpers and other co-partners. About 20 people come from all over the world to participate in the international masterclass, which is organized in connection with the festival.

This summer´s event has been prepared and planned since immediately after the last festival in the summer of 2019. During the spring of 2020, the normal preparations and planning for the festival were stalled due to the world-wide Coronavirus crisis and a decision from the Finnish government was awaited before additional measures were decided to be put into place.

Canceling a festival is a difficult and sad decision. We are extremely sorry for the cancellation, which affects a large number of people and various collaborating bodies. In addition to the audience, the situation affects the performing artists and supporting companies as well as other communities and enterprises, for whom the cancellation of the festival is a great disappointment.

The 25th festival, which was planned for this summer, will now move forward one year. We look forward to then enjoying new delights and unique experiences, international encounters and the famous Finnish summer at it´s best in the beautiful and ancient cultural landscapes of Sastamala again.

Stay safe and take care of yourself and your loved ones!