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Festival introduction

Sastamala Gregoriana is an annual early music festival that takes place in late July in the city of Sastamala (ca. 57 km from Tampere). It was founded back in 1995 by Maiju Vuorenoja and Kari Kaarna. The festival combines excellent international concert program that consists of medieval, renaissance and baroque music. The main venues of the festival are old lakeside churches of St Mary's and St Olaf's with unique acoustic spaces and history behind them. An international early music masterclass complements the concert series every year.

The Musical Programme
Sastamala Gregoriana has built a reputation for artistic excellence in its concert programme, promoting concerts that are particularly suited to the atmosphere of its host venues. These can be characterised as "early music" (from the medieval, renaissance and baroque periods), predominantly vocal, with sacred or "spiritual" (in a broad interpretation) qualities, performed by small professional ensembles. There is also a performance by the masterclass students, which many regular members of the audience have come to regard as a highlight of the week.

International Collaboration
Since its inception, Sastamala Gregoriana has also been a celebration of friendship and collaboration between English and Finnish musicians. The original musical director, Kari Kaarna, has strong professional connections with several English musicians, which led to inviting Paul Hillier and Andrew Lawrence-King to be guest performers in the first festival, with Hillier teaching a masterclass in early vocal music. This pattern has been continued in ensuing years, with other guest performers and teachers from England. Evelyn Tubb, Ansy Boothroyd and Michael Fields have performed both solo concerts and collaborative efforts with Finnish colleagues, and taught the vocal masterclass. Latterly, David Hatcher has been welcomed as player and teacher of the viola da gamba. Michael Fields has now been working as the Musical Director of the festival for several year, and he continues to teach the vocal masterclass in collaboration with Evelyn Tubb.

The Spirit of the Festival
All the elements above were woven together by the vision of the founders, Maiju Vuorenoja and Kari Kaarna, and are supported by a devoted and energetic team of volunteer workers. They combine to create a fifth element greater than the sum of its parts: an indefinable "ethos" or spirit, which makes Sastamala Gregoriana a special experience for all who attend it - audience and performers, students and tutors.

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Sastamala Gregoriana ry
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Tel.: +358 458 742 345

Festival Director
Johannes Rantanen

Musical Director
Michael Fields

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