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L'amour, Paris - 19th to 27th July 2019

Sastamala Gregoriana invites You to celebrate with us for the 24th time!

Sastamala Gregoriana is the leading early music festival in Finland. It was founded in 1995. Every year thousands of people attend the festival to enjoy excellent international concert program that consists of medieval, renaissance and baroque music. The main venues of the festival are old, spectacular lakeside churches of St Mary's and St Olaf's with unique acoustic spaces and incredible history behind them. An international early music masterclass complements the concert series every year.

The theme of 2019 is L'amour, Paris - Sacred and Secular Adoration in French Music and it continues a six-year trip in European cities by water. Festival is organized from 19th July until 27th July and the festival consists of 14 different events making it the biggest Sastamala Gregoriana to date. The next festival will be organized from 17th to 25th July 2020. The theme of 2020 is Enchanting Bruges - Venice of the North.

During this musical journey we will take the audience across the European cities that have been connected to the rest of the world by their locations near the rivers or seas. The most well-known composers and performing artists have lived in these cities throughout the history. The musical journey of ours started from Venice in 2018 and continues through Paris, Bruges, Vienna, Rome and finally ending up in London in 2023.

Welcome to experience the magic and enchantment of Sastamala Gregoriana!