The Flourishing of Art and Music

Utopia Chamber Choir, Sastamala Gregoriana Consort, dir. Michael Fields (FIN/UK)

Saturday 20th July 19.00
St Mary's Church

Charpentier - Les Arts Florissants & Te Deum

Versailles may have seemed far from urban Paris, but its influence stretched the the banks of the Seine. In the evening, Michael Fields introduces us to Marc-Antoine Charpentier. Born in Paris, after studying in Italy, Charpentier returned to work as composer-in-residence to Marie de Lorraine, duchesse de Guise, whose love of all things Italian was nurtured when she lived in Florence for a decade.

"Mademoiselle de Guise" presided over a mini-court in her renovated Hôtel de Guise in Paris, where the garden was redesigned by André Le Nôtre, the genius behind the gardens of Versailles. Charpentier occupied a comfortable apartment there - evidence that he was not a mere servant, but an admired a courtier, keeping company with leading intellectuals and artists and composing for an ensemble of musicians that rivalled that maintained by the King.

Charpentier's chamber-opera, Les arts florissants - celebrates the power of the Arts, shown flourishing under the beneficent and peaceful reign of Louis XIV, while his Te Deum could easily be imagined as praise for the Sun King as much as for the King of Heaven.

A dinner is served before this event at Tyrvään Pappila's Main Hall at 16.30.



Music: Evelyn Tubb, soprano
Poetry: Emilie Jønsson, soprano
Peace: Julie Jensen, soprano
Architecture: Kristiina Sikiö, mezzo-soprano
Painting: David Hackston, counter-tenor
Discord: Valter Maasalo, baritone
Warrior: Mikael Maasalo, bass

Sastamala Gregoriana Consort

Katie McClaughry, natural trumpet
Mark Radcliffe & Sarah Humphrys, oboe
Corina Marti & Anni Ranta, flute
Aira Maria Lehtipuu & Tuuli Korte, violin
Tore Ektorp & Maija Lampela, viola da gamba
Roberto Balconi, cembalo & organ
Michael Fields, lute & theorbo
Evelyn Tubb, timpani

Utopia Chamber Choir

Tove Djupsjöbacka
Lena Helenius
Aino Kilpiö
Kristiina Sikiö
Mirja Uosukainen

Annika Harding
Annu Korhonen
Matleena Koskenniemi
Anna Raiko
Riikka Räisänen

Antti Kataja
Eino Kivisaari
Sampo Rantakokko
Sami Sahramies

Mikael Maasalo
Valter Maasalo
Jouni Äkräs



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