Vanhakylä Manor

Kaltsilantie 253, 38220 Sastamala

Vanhakylä Manor

The magnificently beautiful Vanhakylän kartano (Vanhakylä Manor) is located in the middle of Kaltsila village's beautiful cultural landscape. The manor was founded in 1751 by the crown's official Henrik Packalén . The main building of the manor is a neoclassical building designed by building master Heikki Tiitola. The old main building of the manor was burnt down in 1918 and the present main building was completed in 1925. Between 1999 and 2002, the main building of the manor and the entire park area underwent a major renovation, and the manor was restored with a major overhaul.

The large park is home to about 50 different apple, cherry, pear and other fruit trees, and is also home to an abundance of hardwoods such as oak, linden, stately elm, ash, pine and aspen.

The restoration of other buildings in the yard, such as the shrine barrier and the granary, has continued in the 2010s using traditional methods. In summer 2019, a summer café was opened in Väentupa.

In the summer of 2019, a juice press factory was established in the courtyard of the manor. You can bring your own apples to the Juice Shop for juicing. A summer café was opened in the restored community hall of the Vanhakylä manor, where you can enjoy the wonderful setting of the park under the large oaks of the manor. There is also a small Bed and Breakfast where you can stay in the comfortable rooms of The Mistress' and The Handmaiden's Chamber.

The main house can also host various meeting events or small family events.
Although the manor hosts various events, it serves mainly as a private home.

The entrance to the concert venue is not barrier-free and has few steps.