Cities on The Water

Following the success of our 6-year exploration of national styles (2006-2011), we now turn to exploring how water has connected cultures. We will visit cities whose position on great seas or rivers has connected them to the wider world and allowed them to be dominant centres of the arts for centuries. From Venice the journey continues through Paris, Bruges, Vienna and Rome finally ending in London.

The theme of 2022 is Enchanting Bruges.
The festival will be held from 15th until 22nd July 2022. Bruges is a piece of medieval Europe in the Kingdom of Belgium with its fabulous houses and picturesque canals. In the Middle Ages, Bruges developed into being a cradle for science, arts and commerce. During the 15th century, Bruges was settled with scientists, artists and noblemen and patrons from all over Europe to create new innovations that have had an effect to this day.