Triste plaisir

The 15th century may be considered as the classical period of the Alta Capella. The combination of soprano and alto shawm and slide trumpet had developed into the standard instrumental ensemble all over Europe, such groups were found in every court and every city, they played the polyphony of their time, dance music and splendour for all sorts of occasions. In Triste plaisir we're bringing our personal impression of the early 15th century sound world to present day stages.

The works of Guillaume Dufay, Gilles Binchois and their contemporaries represent a musical farewell to the middle ages as well as pioneering experiments for renaissance polyphony. In addition to the typical combination of shawms and slide trumpet we're also including instruments like bagpipes or brass instruments like the Ademari trumpet and the trombone.

Dance music may be found in the magnificent Brussels Basse Danse manuscript of Marie de Bourgogne, where tenors and choreographies of courtly dances are written down in golden writing. We have arranged the other parts of this dance music which is meant to be performed by wind ensembles as it was practice of 15th century musicians.

Ann Allen - shawms
Hanna Geisel - shawms, bagpipes
Nathaniel Wood - slide trumpets, trombone

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