A glimpse into the sound world of Bruges at the dawn of the renaissance

In Brugis is Latin for "In Bruges". Bruges has always been one of the most interesting cultural centres in Central Europe, where musicians of different cultures and nationalities have come together and created new and surprising works, insights and compositions. Such cultural treasures have, under favourable circumstances, lasted in manuscripts and codexes until today to tell the legend of fairytale Bruges and its attraction and charm at the dawn of renaissance.

In the spirit of this ideal, Sastamala Gregoriana will have a unique concert experience this summer where two early music ensembles from Switzerland, La Morra and Alta Bellezza, join forces.

Music by Jacobus Coutreman, Thomas Fabri, Georgius Martini a Brugis, Jacobus de Clibano, Gilles de Binche (dit Binchois), Adrien Basin, Jacob Obrecht and anonymous composers.

Doron Schleifer - voice
Corina Marti - recorders & clavisimbalum
Michal Gondko - plectrum lute
Vojtech Jakl - fiddle
David Hatcher - fiddle

Hanna Geisel - shawms & bagpipe
Ann Allen - shawms
Nathaniel Wood - slide trumpet & sackbut

36 € / 32 € (When purchasing tickets from sales channels VAT, service fee and delivery fee will be added in the price.)

Enjoy a delicious preconcert dinner in the Tyrvään Pappila prior to the evening concert at St Mary's Church!

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