Capturing the Sound of Late Medieval Strings

In this unique concert Corina Marti and Michal Gondko, known from Ensemble La Morra, join forces to tell the story of celestial movements. Riitta Nelimarkka's unique artwork on display at Funkkistalo in summer 2022 creates another layer of visual dimension and creativity to the concert.

Henri Arnaut de Zwolle (c. 1400-1466) was a Franco-Flemish physician, astrologer and astronomer in the service of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy. Like many of his colleagues in various parts of late medieval Europe, he studied a variety of devices. Occasionally, medical astrologers shared an interest in music and musical instruments.

It is, however, to Zwolle´s scientific mind and inquisitiveness (and a great deal of good fortune!) that we owe a rare treatise which furnishes detailed information on the design and construction of various instruments. In this concert, Corina Marti and Michal Gondko will play and talk about two of them: the harpsichord (which Henry Arnaut calls clavisimbalum) and the lute. Around 1440, when the treatise was most likely written, both instruments were on the verge of becoming Europe´s most popular instruments for private music making, already inspiring a repertoire and performance traditions that were to reach their respective culminations in the works of Johann Sebastian Bach and Silvius Leopold Weiss.

Given the lack of surviving harpsichords and lutes from Zwolle´s time, his treatise is an invaluable organological resource that sheds light on the early phase of their development. Combined with evidence from contemporary depictions, it facilitates plausible reconstructions, whereby the sound of those instruments can delight humans ears again after centuries of oblivion.

30 € (When purchasing tickets from Lippu.fi sales channels VAT, service fee and delivery fee will be added in the price.)

The concert is organized in the 2nd floor of the Funkkistalo. There is a lift at the venue. After the concert, coffee / tea with a pastry will be served on the 1st and 2nd floor. The coffee / tea and a pastry are included in the ticket price.

Enjoy a delicious preconcert dinner in the Tyrvään Pappila prior to the evening concert at St Mary's Church!

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