Restaurant services

Reserve the concert catering or snacks beforehand and consentrate in enjoying on site!

Tyrvään Pappila

Tyrvään Pappila, Tyrvää Parsonage is open daily during the festival serving coffee/tea, snacks and lunch.

There is a dinner served in Pappila after the opening concert 20.7.
The free outdoor concert will be arranged in Pappila amfi theatre on Wednesday 25.7.

There will be a festival info with tickets sales in Tyrvään Pappila during the festival

Tyrvään Pappila web page

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila is lovcated by lake Rautavesi next to the St Mary´s church.

Wanha Pappila is open during concert days serving coffee and light snacks.

There is a concert dinner available on Saturday 21.7. before the concert.

Sastamalan Wanha Pappila web page