Sastamala Gregoriana – Early Music Festival 18th July – 25th July - Celebration of Music

Sastamala Gregoriana - Early Music Festival combines excellent international consert programme from medieval, renaissance and baroque periods, old lakeside churches of Sastamala with unique acoustic space and warm local atmosphere.

This is something that deserves to be known and appreciated by local, national and international visitors.

It's time for grand festivities! Sastamala Gregoriana celebrates its 20th anniversary in 18th July – 25th July 2015.


Sastamala Old Church – St Mary's Church of Sastamala

Sastamala Old Church or officially known as St Mary's Church of Sastamala is a gem of a venue for the performance of music that is contemporary with its history.

Its vaulted wooden ceiling, rough hewn stone walls, dirt floor and quiet location combine to make it one of the finest acoustical environments in the world for solo vocal music and small ensembles. Its peaceful, natural environment gives it a further special character, and the surrounding silence deepens the peace and beauty of the musical experience for performers and audiences.

This historically important building, a beautiful and spiritually uplifting environment and an acoustic space with unique qualities, which are perfectly suited to “early music” make an absolutely magnificent experience only Sastamala Gregoriana can offer!

The Theme: Sastamala Gregoriana's 20th Anniversary - Celebration of Music

18th July – 25th July 2015

Sastamala Gregoriana – Early Music Festival 2015

Ticket booking 1st April – 25th July 2015

Sastamalan kirkko

Come sail with us! "Water Music" – concert cruise 2015

Sastamala Gregoriana and Restaurant Laiturikahvila co-organize a memorable concert cruise on Lake Rautavesi Thursday 23rd July.

The package deal (40 €) includes: a round-trip cruise, appetizers and a toast on the boat, special introduction of the concert, reserved place in the concert at famous Tyrvää's St Olaf's church and a buffet dinner in Restaurant Laiturikahvila after the concert!

Book now: +358 458 742 345 / +358 400 998 251